Wind Catcher Energy Connection Project

The Wind Catcher Energy Connection Project will provide a cost savings of $7 billion and diversify the energy supply for PSO and SWEPCO customers. The project will support approximately 4,000 direct and 4,400 indirect jobs annually during construction and 80 permanent jobs once operational. It also will contribute approximately $300 million in property taxes over the life of the project. The project components include:

  • Acquiring the Wind Catcher Facility from Invenergy when completed in late 2020. The wind farm features 800 GE 2.5 MW wind turbines located on 300,000 acres in Cimarron and Texas counties.
  • Building the Wind Catcher Power Line. The approximately 350-mile 765 kilovolt (kV) line is the connection to efficiently bring the wind power to SWEPCO and PSO customers.
  • Constructing two new substations. One will be located at the wind facility and the other near Tulsa.

Project Updates

Currently, this project is in the siting phase to develop study segments for a potential line route.

This fall, once the study segments are developed, PSO will hold public informational open houses to introduce proposed study segments and answer questions related to the project. Multiple open houses will be held during the public involvement process. No route has been determined.

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